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Bed Bug Inspection and Detection in Calgary

Visual, Electronic and K9 Inspection

The road to properly and efficiently complete bed bug elimination begins with proper inspection and detection of infested areas. At Bed Bugs Heat Quest, our mission is not just to provide our Calgary clients with safe and effective bed bug treatments but as well to educate our clients about bed bugs, its control and prevention. In this page you will learn about the main operating locations of bed bugs, determine where they hide and know different detection and inspection methods. In addition, you will also learn about our fumigation solution for all bed bug problems.

Important Note on Bed Bugs Detection and Inspection

When it comes to bed bugs inspection in Calgary, it is important to be knowledgeable about detection methods. Remember that failure to identify bed bugs presence should not be used as an indicator that your Calgary home is free from bed bugs infestation. With the elusive nature of bed bugs, low level of pest infestation may escape detection, but it does not mean that that no bed bug is present in your home. That is why it is very important to have an ongoing monitoring and inspection using reliable detection tools and inspection methods.

Below are some of detection and inspection tools and methods used to detect the presence and bed bugs in your Calgary home.

Visual Bed Bugs Inspection in Calgary

Visual inspection is the most common form of pest detection. This can be done by anyone, however without proper training and experience to identify the signs of infestation, this detection method can be the most ineffective method. The reason why it can be the lead effective among the other bed bugs inspection methods is because bed bugs often hide in areas that are not easily accessible to visual inspection.

Usually the first signs of an infestation start with bed bugs bites and marks that can be found on the arms, face, hands, neck and other body parts. Another telltale sign of bed bug infestation is finding rusty-colored blood spots on the mattress or pillows. Other noticeable signs of infestation are the musty odor of bed bugs and their appearance in the folds sheets and mattresses.

K9 Bed Bugs Inspection in Calgary

While adult bed bugs may be easier to detect and identify, bed bug eggs are very hard to locate. This is where the keen sense of smell of K9 dogs comes in. With an adept sense of smell, K9 bed bugs detection dogs possess the ability to smell bed bugs and detect their location quickly and efficiently. These K9 dogs are specially trained dogs to detect the odor of live bed bugs and its eggs.
With K9’s efficacy in bed bugs detection, K9 dogs are now gaining popularity in Calgary, North America and in other parts of the world. as opposed to the approximately 35% accuracy rate of even the best and well trained professional, our K9 dogs offer close to 95% effective rate. We take pride that no other company in Calgary offers the same.

Electronic Bed Bugs Inspection & Detection

Specialists at Bed Bugs Heat Quest are proud to utilize only latest and updated inspection tools and methods of electronic bed bug detection in Calgary. Our electronic device reacts to carbon dioxide expelled from a single bed bug. After a few hours, this electronic device will indicate the bed bug presence by activating a series of alarm beeps. In addition, this electronic device also serves a helpful tool to help determine whether or not a treatment has eliminated the bed bug problem completely.
Unlike K9 Inspection that requires a very controlled environment to give its most accurate assessment, our electronic bed bug inspection device will never have a bad day and no matter what other distractions are around.
To learn more about our bed bugs inspection and detection methods, please contact Bed Bugs Heat Quest today. We are proud to serve clients in Calgary and other areas in Alberta.

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