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Treatment Comparison

There are several known bed bug treatments that you can find in the market today. In face, there are several companies that offer different types of bed bug treatments. It is therefore important that you, as a consumer, know which of these treatments are effective and safe. Treating bed bug infestations require time , money, and a lot of patience so your decision on which company heat system to choose and the type of treatment to use is critical. The way you heat could be the difference between success or failure!

Direct Target Heat, Spot or Partial Heat

This method , known as “Target Heat or Spot Heat“. A lot of people think that this type of treatment is similar to Heat Treatment but the process is much different. One of the differences is the equipment used for getting rid of bed bugs. For a steam cleaner to be effective, bed bugs have to be exposed directly to the steam for minutes. This procedure you will need several days before you can get rid of bed bugs. Do we Offer This treatment ? Yes We do.

Click Here to Watch a Video on Steps about Our Target Heat Process.

Direct or Indirect Fire Construction Heaters

Direct or Indirect Fire Construction HeatersThis method commonly known as "ThermaPure Heat". Since this process involves a single heat source and placed outside your home, it is almost impossible to successfully treat bed bug infestations. These heaters are either fuelled by Diesel or Propane they are used manually and can produce heat as high as 300 degrees F. which can damage your electronics and furniture as well as the structure of the home.

Also keep in mind these types of heaters were designed for construction they were not manufactured to kill Bed Bugs so the heat is not evenly distributed. These heaters can be a serious fire hazard and has caused millions of dollars in damage 1 case in Edmonton as well as several fires in the U.S.

A Fire Caused by the ThermaPure Process Read More
Click Here to Watch A video How an Indirect Fire Heaters Work

Electrical High Temperature Heaters

This method commonly known as “Thermal Remediation “Electric heaters can cause potential fire hazard because of their high surface temperatures. Loose paper or household combustibles may come in contact with the heater surface and cause for extremely unsafe situations. Electrical System are, they are often underpowered. Customers have to leave the building over night increasing the cost by adding a hotel room and meals. If they come with a generator the generator are noisy and run non-stop for the entire treatment process. They are not efficient to use for House or multiple apartments.

Our Approaches

Our equipment is the most advanced and effective way to treat a bed bug infestation. The system is built from the ground up with safety, efficiency and effectiveness at its core. Other heat treatments are more expensive and not as effective. They could even cause safety hazards. Chemicals just don’t do the job and could pose health risks while spraying around where you are sleeping. The only Clear answer is to go with a bed bug heat Quest to get the job done with our safe and effective Digital Hydronic heating system. The equipment is very Expensive ! At this point no one in Alberta offers this system except us.

Click Here to Watch A Video About Our Heat System

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