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Why Our Heat Process Works

Information On Our Heat Process

This system was designed to kill Bed Bugs and exterminate other pests. Also it was designed to be lighter, smaller, safer and more powerful than any similar system currently in the market. The unit is equipped with dolly style wheels, which will not damage floors and allows for easy mobility within the home. The heater is rated for continuous operation with more than double the BTU output than any other system. That means our system is able to heat a larger area or multi-units in a quicker amount of time than other heat system. Most importantly the system monitored digitally!

The Perfect Balance

Other heating systems raise the temperature slowly and unevenly allowing bed bugs time to escape to cooler areas, deep inside your walls.

It is critical to heat your home quickly and evenly. If your home is heated unevenly, some areas may never reach a temperature needed to kill the bed bugs while other areas could reach dangerously high temperatures. That is why our system creates the perfect balance of temperature and air flow in the shortest amount of time possible. That means that bed bugs will not have time to react and run away to hide!

Quiet & Discrete

We prefer this system because it gives our customers a great deal of peace of mind. No embarrassing noise like a generator or indirect fired heaters would cause, quiet and discrete.

This system designed to be neighborhood and home friendly. Heat is distributed evenly and is 100% successful eradicating your home of Bed Bugs. The Heaters don't bring in cold air from outside the building but recycle the air in the target area it is many times more efficient than any competing systems. Drawbacks of these systems are that the equipment is very expensive At this point no one in Alberta offers this system except us.

Close Monitoring

We monitor the temperatures in each room to ensure that your entire home, its contents and walls are heated to critical temperature. Once all of the temperature recordings have been captured via our proprietary software, we prepare a comprehensive report describing what we encountered, the measures taken to cleanse your home and include illustrative graphs identifying the temperatures achieved throughout your property.

We do not use any of your electricity. Unlike our competitors, since our convective heat system is a self-contained single source, you can be assured that you will not receive an outrageous electric bill the month after we finish your treatment!